According to the government, mid-level health providers a temporary measure

On Tuesday the union health ministry, while clarifying its view on the provision of mid-level healthcare providers in the 2019 NMC Bill, stated how the provision is a temporary measure just until the Indian doctor population has reached its optimum level.

Clause number 32 of the National Medical Commission Bill, there is a provision to allow a restricted number of practicing license at mid-level as community health providers. The implementing ministry of the bill felt the need to clarify its standing on the provision given the backlash faced by the provision and the ministry of health and family welfare by the medical population of the Indian Medical Association and the medical student body.

The Indian government put great emphasis on the fact that the Indian doctor population ratio is 1:1456, relative to the standards set by the World Health Organization of 1:1000.

On Tuesday, the government also stated that the Ayushman Bharat initiative by the center requires 1,50,000 mid-level providers in the upcoming 3 to 5 years so it is able to deliver thorough primary and precautionary care.

The Centre has stated that there are, shockingly, 58% individuals in medical practice who do not possess the required qualifications, which is why they are forced to announce a mid-level cadre of skilled health employees.

The government put forward examples from various other nations stating how there are global instances of Healthcare Systems allowing such Community Health Workers. Thailand, the U.K., China, were among the countries mentioned. It was added how even New York had allowed Community Health Workers into conventional health facilities.