Aerospace firm- Ananth Technologies to build foreign-owned satellites in India

Ananth Technologies an Indian aerospace firm has contracted deals to build six foreign-owned satellites in India.

It is the first private firm to make satellites for global customers. The Hyderabad based firm Ananth Technologies is a supplier of systems for Indian Space Research Organization’s (ISRO) satellites and is now also set to open a full-fledged satellite making facility in Bengaluru for both local and overseas customers.

Chairman and managing director Subba Rao Pavuluri said the firm will be building satellites weighing between 50 kg and 250 kg for customers in Sweden and France and will fully integrate satellites around 30% lower cost than in the West.

The names of customers are not revealed but it is said that the launching will be done from Indian soil. India’s knowledge in building satellites has helped create a critical talent base giving it an edge in tapping outsourcing avenues.

India thus an opportunity to integrate medium-sized satellites as they are designed to last for over five years and firms invest a huge amount in building them.