After the change in law, Big Tobacco will be selling ‘smokeless cigarettes’ over the counter

Sales of the tobacco giant behind the Marlboro cigarettes were legalized to sell ‘smokeless cigarettes’ over the counter for the first-ever time after an alteration in the law.

On Monday, it was stated by Philip Morris International that 11 stores and supermarkets would be selling its iQOS devices, as well as, an outlet at Dubai Duty-Free.

The firm claims that it novel ‘heat not burn’ technology has comparatively much less of an impact than the traditional cigarettes. There is an insertion of a heat stick containing a tobacco plug into battery-operated devices. This device is known as iQOS. Vapour is produced by the heat instead of injurious smoke, even though medical researchers claim that they are not as innocuous as some would suggest.

Government of the United Arab Emirates will not be putting a tax on heating devices but the tobacco refills will be subject to a 100% duty under the ‘sin tax’ of 2017

Earlier this year, the move to legalize the sales of battery-operated devices like iQOS & liquid nicotine vapes in the United Arab Emirates came amidst a broader debate between manufacturers and medics about the impact to the health of e-cigarettes and vapes.

The Vice President of the Middle East for PMI, Tarkan Demirbas stated that they aim to target all those smokers who do not want to stop smoking, with the iQOS product.

Bring changes into the regulations regarding smoking alternatives reflects that governments are becoming aware of the impact on smokers of reduced-risk products. This is the future of the industry.

The firm is hopeful that the most recent version of its iQOS 3 devices will be overtaking black market sales of products in the United Arab Emirates, presently selling online for over three times the price of retail value.