Approval by United States of sale of F-16V highly appreciated by Taiwan’s President

On Tuesday, the President of Taiwan ‘Tsai Ing-Wen’ expressed gratitude to the United States for giving approval to the sale of 66 advanced F-16V fighter jets and also urged the competitor China for respecting the right of Taiwan of defending itself.

On Sunday, an announcement was made by the American President Trump regarding the approval of the deal which was of worth 8 billion dollars. It is expected that the sale will be further aggravating the relationship of the United States with China, which has claimed Taiwan as a part of its territory to be occupied by force if necessary.

On Tuesday, Tsai also highly praised previous arms sales which were already announced by the administration of Trump, stating those were the reaffirmation of the ‘long-standing’ commitment of the United States to help in the maintenance of peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait.

The announcement by the Trump gives birth to a period of consultation with Congress, as well as, as early as next month a formal announcement of the sale could be made except for if objection comes from the lawmakers. The State Department, which would be eventually responsible for the authorization of the sale, has refused to pass any comment, however, the proposal was welcomed by the members of Congress from both parties.

All arms sales to Taiwan was fiercely opposed by China, however, it particularly objected to advanced fighter jets like the F-16V, which have Active Electronically Scanned Array radar which is compatible with the F-35 stealth fighters operated by the Navy, Air force and Marines of the United States. There is also installation taking place by the United States of upgraded electronics, inclusive of AESA radars, on the existing fleet of Taiwan’s F-16s.