Biotech Innovation Is More Important Than Biotech Alone

Saudi Arabia is making a move towards innovation. Most of the newest investments in the country has been focusing on creating new sources of income for the country; especially through the biotech field. The country does not only want to provide a strong impact by their new biotech technology. However, they are focused on innovating in the biotech field to help provide the highest quality and maintain a sustained development for the field.

This was commented on by the first Saudi and female scientist to become a UNESCO goodwill ambassador for sciences, Dr. Hayat Sindi who said, “An innovative approach is essential for success. It takes creativity to translate ideas from the lab to the world. That creativity is embedded in science and it starts in the laboratory, and to push the boundaries of knowledge, you need to look at problems through a different lens. A core part of KAUST’s mission is to instill an innovation mindset into the youth of the Kingdom. Over 8,000 young people have taken part in our start-up accelerators and training programs, resulting in new ideas, new companies and new jobs. Youth are the impact-makers and the change-makers of the future, and we need to empower them and give them the tools to be able to make those changes. By investing in minds, you are preparing the young talent for a new future. According to Saudi’s Vision 2030, the Kingdom will continue investing in education and training students to excel in future jobs.”