Business as usual In ‘ School Camps ‘ of Beijing as Uyghurs Culture – Study

As hundreds of thousands of Uyghurs, ethnic Kazakhs and ethnic Kyrgyz continue to be imprisoned in the People’s Republic of China’s so-called “education camps,” governments around the world continue to interact with Beijing, including deciding to establish diplomatic ties with the Chinese government instead of the Republic of China, as was the recent case with Kiribati and the Solomon Islands.

Every country has a duty to protect and promote its own national interests, but it is problematic that, despite the obvious and well-documented violations of human rights against a whole culture, many governments continue to praise Beijing. The Uyghurs ‘ pain and tribulation have been well known by now. The Chinese government’s mission is to suppress Uyghur identity and consolidate its influence over the vast province of Xinjiang.

It is estimated that in addition to ethnic Kazakhs and ethnic Kyrgyz, between 1 million and probably 3 million Uyghurs are held in Chinese concentration camps.

Beijing is undertaking a brutal campaign as it aims to eradicate Uyghur identity-paramilitary forces and civil servants have been dispatched to the area and it is not uncommon to hear Uyghur women being forced into arranged marriages with Chinese men or Uyghurs being forced to eat pork or drink alcohol to prevent it to be sent to the camps.

A further motivation for Beijing to carry out its authoritarian practices is the fact that most Uyghurs are Muslims. Other imprisoned persons, apart from the previously mentioned Uyghurs, include ethnic Kazakhs and ethnic Kyrgyz, and Kazakh activists have made efforts to free and restore their compatriots. Ironically, because of Beijing’s growing influence there, these protests have become mixed with a new wave of anti-Chinese sentiment in Central Asia.

There is no question that many groups have campaigned against the Uyghurs ‘ abuse.

Entities such as the International Journalists ‘ Alliance and East Turkestan’s National Awakening Movement Facebook page performed thorough investigations and presented irrefutable evidence of the Uyghurs ‘ misery.

The U.S. House of Representatives has passed the 2019 “S.178-Uyghur Human Rights Security Act revised as the Uighur Act,” which provides for an investigation into what is going on in these settlements, and also urges the Trump White House to impose sanctions on representatives of the Chinese government and companies associated with the current situation.