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Recycling body underlines significance of imported products meeting EU Chemical legislation

Based on a latest investigation carried out by recycling association- Euric, imported products manufactured outside the EU are not compliant with the bloc’s chemical legislation. This has hindered Europe’s circular economy ambitions. The imported articles into the EU include primary or recycled materials which do not adhere to the EU chemical regulations such as REACH

USDA aims to boost the use of biofuels

The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) has recently announced to promote the use of biofuels using a new directive in order to acquire alternative fueled vehicles (AFV) while also replacing conventionally fueled vehicles. The USDA is known to operate one of the largest civilian fleets in the federal government. The latest development can use E85

Michigan proposes stricter standards on “Forever Chemicals” in drinking water

Owning to a vote by the Environmental Rules Review Committee (ERRC), the state of Michigan advanced the proposed standards to curb contaminating “forever chemicals” in drinking water for the city’s population. More than 7000 Michiganders participated in January in a month-long public comment period with regards to the proposed drinking water standards on PFAS chemicals,

The Chief Executive Officer of Palantir confidently says that terrorist strategy gets hindered once a week in Europe.

Palantir was established by Peter Thiel. It is a firm that analyzes data. The chief executive officer of Palantir says that terrorist plot hindered each week in Europe Terrorist outbreaks are being hindered in Europe almost every week, as the Chief Executive Officer of Palantir fixated on domestic security. The CEO of the Silicon Valley-based

Mayo Clinic declares the inauguration of the first-ever hospital outside the premises of the United States.

Quoting common ideas and values, Mayo Clinic declared on Sunday the inauguration of its first hospital outside the premises of the United States, a joint venture with Abu Dhabi Health Services organization (SEHA) in Abu Dhabi, UAE. The hospital will be named Sheikh Shakhbout Medical City (SSMC). Just like the Mayo Clinic situated in Rochester,

UAE to import chemicals to treat water.

United Arab Emirates has shown concern over the plastic ingestion by water and some consumption of seafood and the nation might adopt some industry to make the water free of the contaminants and possibly free of plastics. According to a study commissioned by the environmental charity, the WWF, plastic pollution is so widespread that human