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Asia Hardware Battle

Clever/smart hardware is a technological concept shadowing the smartphone. It combines the hardware and software to alter the traditional device so that it has intelligent functions. Japan, one of the prominent innovation centres in Asia, is using leading-edge technology to create new industries in retaliation to its social problems and challenges, namely, population aging and labour

Guerbet and IBM Watson Health announced a second co-development project for leveraging artificial intelligence in medical imaging

Guerbet, a world specialist in distinction agents and solutions for diagnostic and interventional medical imaging, these days proclaimed that it’s signed a brand new agreement with IBM Watson Health to co-develop and co-commercialize a man-made intelligence (AI) answer to assist clinicians to diagnose and monitor patients with prostate cancer. Under this second program, Guerbet and

Nintendo wants people to work out with a new piece of fitness hardware

Nintendo is once again selling fitness. Nintendo disclosed “Ring Fit Adventure,” which is sold-out with a brand-new piece of hardware a soft electronic ring that senses pressure. In “Ring match,” you play a runner who discovers a sorcerous ring and squeezes it, accidentally releasing a monstrous dragon that is terrible in form. The dragon, competently

Rheumatoid arthritis halted by preclinical antibody

Autoimmune ailments impact nearly 5% of the total population. Not surprisingly, many patients are unable to bear the continuous use of immunosuppressive treatments. Substitute therapies centered on antibodies against RBCs, for instance anti-D or IVIg, have become the go-to therapy for immune thrombocytopenic purpura. Immune thrombocytopenic purpura is an autoimmune ailment in which a dangerously

Healthcare in India after the independence

It has been a long time since India got Independence. Be that as it may, the nation which has multi year history of restorative sciences was left wrecked when the British left. From that point forward, India has concentrated on improving the economy and upgrading the wellbeing administrations advancing exponentially. In this, we will attempt

How the cancer survivors could move on?

Mama Ohnmar Win’s brilliant grin and jovial habits shroud the bad dream she needed to experience a year prior. Last April, she experienced stomach agony and stomach related difficulties. Despite the fact that her grandma passed on of climbing colon malignancy at 39 years old, she never envisioned she would build up a comparative condition.

Medical interoperability should be considered as a problem for clinical practice

Known as the ‘Father of FHIR’ and an accomplished medicinal services interoperability expert, Grahame Grieve is FHIR Product Director at HL7 International. He has considerable experience with lab prescription, programming seller improvement, clinical research, and open source advancement and has additionally imagined, created and sold interoperability and clinical record arrangements and items in the Australian