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A new definition of Terrorist Organizations

Facebook disclosed a series of transformations to check and limit hate speech and extremism on its site, as scrutiny is growing on how the social network may be radicalizing people. The company commenced its announcements by stating it would expand and develop its definition of terrorist organizations, adding that it planned to implement artificial intelligence to be

US blacklists Chinese AI companies

A group of Chinese AI and facial recognition companies have been added to a US blacklist quoting rights abuses against Muslims in Xinjiang. The “entity list” of the US government consists of 28 Chinese companies. The list forbids American companies from continuing any associations with them. The US government said the companies were blacklisted as

Asia Hardware Battle

Clever/smart hardware is a technological concept shadowing the smartphone. It combines the hardware and software to alter the traditional device so that it has intelligent functions. Japan, one of the prominent innovation centres in Asia, is using leading-edge technology to create new industries in retaliation to its social problems and challenges, namely, population aging and labour

Gold mining industry to clean up its act

A new international initiative has been launched to make sure every gram of gold that turns up at a jewellery search or used for the other purpose is correctly sourced. And verified as being, therefore. To do this, the campaign starts from the terribly supply the gold mines. underneath the “Responsible Gold Mining Principles”. The