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Researchers discover new method to make tougher adhesives

Team of researchers from Purdue University have developed an advanced adhesive technology, in order to make adhesives for construction, vehicles and electronics tougher than usual. According to Jonathan Wilker, a Purdue professor of chemistry and materials engineering, the team drew inspiration from sea creatures to develop several new adhesives. Wilker added that one way to

China launches four ‘technology experiment satellites’

A Chinese rocket named Long March 2D carried four technology experiment satellites into orbit on Wednesday from the Xichang space center which is situated in southwestern China, in pace with the Chinese state-run media. Some details about the satellites were unveiled by media owned by Chinese Government. The country’s Xinhua wire service told that the satellites are going to be mainly trained tested

Researchers create “eco” super glue

For the first time, team of researchers have used plant-derived cellulose nanocrystals (CNCs) to create an adhesive with highest standards of quality with regards to performance, sustainability and cost. The team at Aalto University, Sichuan University, the University of Tokyo and University of British Columbia have created a new eco glue which has enhanced strength

Bacteria to augment global warming, study suggests

Amidst the continuous climate change debate, a new research suggests that bacteria may augment the phenomenon of climate change. A new research published by Imperial College London in Nature Communications reveals that bacteria along with archea (together they form prokaryotes) will adapt better to the rising temperatures due to global warming. Rising temperature is likely

Chinese researchers found a flaw in Tesla Algorithms

In the recent March, Chinese analysts declared a cunning and conceivably big attack against one of America’s most prized innovative resources—a Tesla electric vehicle. The group, from the security lab of the Chinese tech giant Tencent, showed a few different ways to trick the artificially intelligent algorithms on Tesla’s vehicle. By quietly changing the information