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AI systems claims to ‘read’ emotions

Professionals on psychology of emotion say artificial intelligence systems that can read facial expressions is built on outdated science and therefore risks being discriminatory and unreliable. Such technologies seem to disregard a growing body of evidence undermining the concept that the basic facial expressions are universal across cultures. Some of these technologies are already being

Informa Tech launches new technology-research business, Omdia

WardsAuto, Wards Intelligence and TU Automotive are a piece of the Informa Tech Group. With the arrangement of Omdia, Informa Tech joins its arrangement of market-driving examiner houses Ovum, Heavy Reading and Tractica, and most of IHS Markit’s innovation, media and broadcast communications inquire about business, into a bound together capacity. Omdia supports Informa Tech’s

BAE Systems creates new technology for WMD activity

BAE systems is the British multinational company which regulates aerospace, defense and security areas in Europe. It is headquartered in London and Farnborough in the United Kingdom and has operations worldwide. It has done many technological inventions and has assisted the countries worldwide by their air crafts, submarines etc., The BAE systems is now planning

Aerospace firm- Ananth Technologies to build foreign-owned satellites in India

Ananth Technologies an Indian aerospace firm has contracted deals to build six foreign-owned satellites in India. It is the first private firm to make satellites for global customers. The Hyderabad based firm Ananth Technologies is a supplier of systems for Indian Space Research Organization’s (ISRO) satellites and is now also set to open a full-fledged

Startup NewSpace Networks invests $200M to promote software-centric space industry

Aerospace software and investment company- NewSpace Network has recently announced to invest $200 million in an attempt to transform the hardware-focused space industry into more software-centric. According to reports, in order to achieve this aim the startup is planning to put efforts into investment, acquisition and internal product development. Furthermore, company spokesperson also said they