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Amazon launches Kindle e-readers in the Netherlands

In its latest business venture, Amazon inaugurated a fully functional store in the Netherlands. Sources reveal the store will focus on sales of Kindle e-readers, print books, in addition to selling other goods and food items. With Netherlands, Amazon has built its 16th global marketplace. The latest project in the Northwestern European country, Amazon has

Jotun’s HullSkater to provide groundbreaking solutions for hull care system

Norwegian chemicals company- the Jotun Group has announced a new algorithm and big data-based system known as the Hull Skating Solutions (HSS)- HullSkater, for advanced monitoring services across the shipping industry. The latest HSS is an advanced antifouling, hull cleaning, proactive condition monitoring which also offers technical services and service level guarantees. In its statement,

IBM underlines the application of artificial intelligence for breast cancer screenings

Together with Sage Bionetworks, Kaiser Permanente Washington Health Research Institute, and the University of Washington School of Medicine, IBM Research has unveiled a combination of machine learning algorithms and assessments by radiologists, in order to improve the accuracy of breast cancer screenings. Radiologists often use Mammogram screenings in order to detect signs of breast cancer.

San Diego based research on wearable tech capable of making users invisible to heat sensors

Team of researchers at University of California, San Diego have invented a wearable technology which will help users to hide from heat-detecting sensors such as night vision goggles. According to reports the latest invention will work even if the ambient temperature changes- this is one of the innovative features which supersedes current technology. Furthermore, the

Suki raises $20 million for virtual assistant to eliminate physician burnout

Founded in 2016, AI Software Company- Suki has worked extensively on easing the administrative burden from doctors. In a recent venture, the company has announced a Series B funding of $20 million for a novel virtual assistant app. The AI-powered digital assistant will help in eliminating administrative work from clinicians, this includes maintaining medical charting