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India’s steel industry set to more than triple its carbon footprint by 2050

According to latest reports India’s steel industry will set more than triple its carbon footprint by 2050, owning to growing demand for steel in the world’s second-biggest producer. Sources allege, carbon dioxide emissions from the steel industry are projected to soar to 837 million tonnes over the next three decades from 242 million tonnes. The

ServiceNow introduces new industry solutions strategy

American cloud computing company- ServiceNow has recently announced to deliver workflows in order to support companies from specific industries with their unique digital transformation challenges, in addition to creating value at scale. According to sources, the Santa Clara based company will at first provide industry solutions for banking and telecommunications. Furthermore, it will also work

CCPA Kickoff

New Year, new protection guidelines: The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) became effective on January 1, denoting the beginning of an across the board law that will probably have suggestions past state lines. For organizations, the opportunity has already come and gone to consider what this implies and how to excel. CCPA, the first form

The government increased security forces following the terror attack in Kulgam area in Kashmir

Security has been elevated in Kashmir following the terror attack in Kulgam area that left five workers from West Bengal dead, even as a total shutdown disturbed typical life over the valley on Wednesday, authorities said.  The dread assault came when an assignment of parliamentarians from the European Union is in Kashmir to converse with

A new definition of Terrorist Organizations

Facebook disclosed a series of transformations to check and limit hate speech and extremism on its site, as scrutiny is growing on how the social network may be radicalizing people. The company commenced its announcements by stating it would expand and develop its definition of terrorist organizations, adding that it planned to implement artificial intelligence to be