China is the strongest, as well as, the smartest rival of the United States

In the US, the lights of public education at present are very dim, making it hard to see the forward path in long term competition with China. Till recently, the issue was a China American policy which lowered the impending threat and gave a ray of hope where caution was warranted. This has started to bring change. However, still the shadows of uncertainty and ignorance linger. If the US, as well as, its allies such as Taiwan are to keep the techno-Orwellian order of the Chinese Communist Party’s from sweeping the world, Washington must develop a first-class Chinese language collection, as well as, analysis capability, and generate strategic knowledge which can gleam across society.

China and the United States are already struggling with a war not only ideologically, but there are also rising geopolitical and economic tensions between the countries. Luckily, this spat has not tapped into the military zone, even though there is a growing risk of that as well. Rhetoric actions of China are undermining its periphery.

For the case of the United States, the major goals of rivalry are fairly simple i.e. to encourage and protect the forward march of freedom, individual rights, democracy, rule of law, and open markets. On the other hand, China’s Vision of Victory, demonstrates that it wants unlimited power, inclusive of the power to control, as well as, destroy human thought. It is fearful hence it despise anyone who refuses to embrace its dominance. This can be seen through its concentration camps which it built in the deserts of western China where millions of innocent people are suffering.

China is the smartest, as well as, the strongest competitor ever faced by the United States. By comparison, Imperial Japanese, Soviets, and the Nazis, were simple, crude, and unsophisticated. They were not able to infiltrate the United States and its allies on this scale.