Commencement of distribution of cannabis oil by Thai State Hospitals

State hospitals of Thailand are all set to be supplied with bottles of cannabis oils as they are all stocked up now.

On 7th August, 4,500 bottles of the extract of marijuana were received by the medical institutions where each of them were filled with 5 milliliters of the substance. These bottles have commenced being distributed. On Friday, this announcement was made by the Public Health Minister and the Deputy Prime Minister ‘Anutin Chanvirakul’.

Thailand has been making efforts to roll out medical marijuana since a while. The country was the first amongst the Asian countries to legalize the cannabis for medical purposes, hence making history in the last year’s December.

According to the new law, cannabis, which are commonly known in the local areas as ‘ganja’, and kratom, which is a plant grown locally with properties of an opioid, could be utilized for medical purposes exclusively. The government will be regulating all the licenses, inclusive of producing and selling. Under the law, marijuana was also considered as an ‘essential drug’.

According to Reuters, Chanvirakul stated that this is the aftermath of legalizing the medical cannabis referring to the oils which were being distributed earlier this month.

There is no secret agenda. They just want to provide support to every patient.

The comments by Chanvirakul came as there were some concerns raised regarding the misuse of medical cannabis in the country. There was a time when Thailand was amongst the huge exporters of weed, which resulted in it being banned entirely in the 1930s.

Various agencies and the Government Pharmaceutical Organization of Thailand will be working towards the production of 200 thousand bottles of cannabis oil each month initiating from September, Chanvirakul told.

To achieve this goal, the Government Pharmaceutical Organization has planned for the cultivation of marijuana in greenhouses by next year.