Day Trading vs Swing Trading: An insight into TeppersList

So you wanna make big money with the limited cash you have? You might be amongst the many others searching Google and YouTube for answers. But it’s not all gold that glitters says Leon Tepper, founder of There is a bright chance that you came across the words ‘day trading’ somewhere on the internet. Thinking about a perky future and earning thousands of dollars a day is kind of an instinct most humans have. However, for most traders, this will never become a reality!


Before you start your voyage of becoming a millionaire trader, you need to know that day trading isn’t as simple as it’s portrayed to be. 


First of all, what is day trading? Day trading is a significantly faster method of investing that involves rapid buying and selling, allowing multiple trades within a single day. At first, it might seem an easy task that you can do while sitting and relaxing on your kitchen table, wearing nothing but your pajamas; Nonetheless, in reality, it demands lots of time and includes a very high chance of incurring losses.


What most wanna-be day traders fail to realize is that the ones you see plastered on YouTube or wherever else it may be, are the ones who have two things to their favor: 


1. They offer some type of trading signals and have a large audience. Now imagine you are the one who calls the shots, and you have let’s say a few thousand followers. You enter a trade and once entered, you send out your signal to your followers. What do you think will happen to that stock, after thousands of other traders follow you? Now, remember, it takes a few seconds for everyone to get your signal and act upon it. By the time everyone is in their trade, you go out! This is also called front running and is a bit on the grey side with the SEC, yet it’s being done every day.

2. The second thing that most wanna-bees fail to realize is the fact that some course is being offered, allowing the head-trader to earn additional income. This is indeed one industry where dog eats dog and every day more and more people become just another losing statistic. 


So let me shed some light on it and say it again, there is no easy money as it’s shown all over the internet & social media. It’s all just a dream that everyone wants to be a part of. Unfortunately, after thousands of dollars out of pocket, it may take years for most wanna-be day traders to realize this was all just a big waste of time and money. Money that could have been invested in secure solid stocks that give you a decent return without having to change your lifestyle and quitting your job.


We at TeppersList use scientific and highly practical investment strategies to help find our members the best businesses and stocks to invest in, and we do so by following a technique called SSA (Seven-Step Analysis). 


Sectors & Industry Analysis 

Many investors prefer investing in established companies, which are already making profits. This makes the market suffocated, so we use a slightly different approach. We find sectors and industries, who are making a comeback and will be profitable soon. This way, you invest less but the potential to earn more is gigantic.



As we continue to skim through the list of different sectors and industries, more and more vehicles get eradicated from the list. When we come to our finalized selection, we start to look for compatible candidates, grouping them, and then we start working the nitty-gritty stuff.


Valuation Analysis

Once we have a group of competitive trading vehicles, we evaluate them one by one. Valuation investment is the process of finding companies or shares that have more face value then they’re worth. They’re still unnoticed by the public. When it comes to the market, the long term image of the companies does not associate with the fluctuation in prices. So we look for devaluated companies because the shares are cheaply available. Value investing is about finding and investing in ill-priced stocks that are becoming healthy.


Paper Analysis

The process of scanning is not a simple one and it’s very time-consuming. We look for different elements of companies such as profit margins, balance sheets, operations statements, cash flow statements, product lines, their competitive landscape compared to their competitors, catalysts, and much more. We analyze the companies using the above specifications, and then we increase or decrease the rank accordingly.


Proprietary Indicators 

People tell you to follow what successful stakeholders of the markets do. The problem is how will you know what the stakeholders are doing or what they are up to next? This is where our proprietary indicators come into play. TeppersList uses artificial intelligence to perform this critical task of analyzing different tycoons. This task is almost humanly impossible to carry out.


Risk Factor

Risk is an important aspect to be taken care of while trading. TeppersList provides you with opportunities that have low risks. We base our observations on certain factors.


Investors are faced with thousands of choices when it comes to selecting stocks. For example, it is a daunting task but becomes manageable when we group our choices based on common characteristics like size, quality, momentum, and value. 



This factor targets companies with well established, profitable, and strong cash flow. This strategy is a good source for providing short and long term investments. 



Most people tend to believe that investing in large industries will give them incremented profits. In reality, investing in smaller companies can be more beneficial, as there are less capitalization and more room for growth. Size strategies result in excessive returns and better positions. 



Momentum Factor targets companies with strong market sentiment and analyst nature. Momentum strategies look to provide excess returns by investing in companies with powerful tailwinds for higher growth potential than the average.



Value Factor targets companies that trade at low prices. Value strategies provide increased returns, as companies grow, yet their current valuations become more suitable with prospective valuations. 


TeppersList makes investing rather easy. They do the heavy lifting and provide a unique and distinctive way of analyzing the markets by giving you a better and broader perspective of stocks to invest in. It delivers opportunities for beginners to pros. You get expert advice, so losses are kept to a minimum, while winners are ridden as long as they possibly can. 


One trading style isn’t better than the other; they just suffice specific needs. However, day trading has more profit potential, at least in percentage terms on smaller-sized trading accounts, whereas swing trading has a better chance of gaining more percentage returns as their account grows, up to a certain point. With that being said, the percentage point of making it as a day trader drops to almost zero! Whereas the buy & hold investor (with the right guidance) has a rather high chance of making unlimited profits.


Minimum cash requirements fluctuate quite a bit across different markets and trading styles. Day trading demands excessive time compared to swing trading, while both require lots of practice to gain master-level skills. Day trading proves to be the best option for action lovers and adrenaline junkies. However, those seeking a normal life with low-stress are better off swing trading compared to the wanna-be day trader who keeps on blowing up his/her account and continues to replenish it. 


It may seem very technical to hear and understand scientific terms and procedures for beginners, and they might be thinking of quitting the idea of becoming financially independent, but TeppersList has paved the road for you to walk on chasing your dreams. It provides its members with the absolute best possible choices available to cash in your precious money and ensures safe investing.