Donald Trump’s formal introduction of latest Space Force symbol is being ridiculed for being similar to a ‘Star Trek’ rip-off

The formal launch of the United States army’s Space Force sign by Donald Trump, the president was ridiculed on Twitter Friday for being similar to a symbol from a long-running science-fiction Television show.

After a discussion with our Great army commanders, creators, and other officials, I am glad to release the new sign for the United States Space Force, the 6th Division of our Glorious Army,” stated President Donald Trump in a tweet.

People on social media platforms talked about the related abilities amid the Space Force sign and the illusory Starfleet sign from the Television series “Star Trek.” As mentioned by the fans of Star Trek, the shape of the huge centered V-shape and the associated stars imitate the sign from the TV series, which was released in 1966 and produced a mass of movies.

The actor, George Takei, who was the lead in a show named Hikaru Sulu, seemed to propose that the series should be rewarded: Ahem. We are supposing to receive some payments from this, he mentioned in his tweet.

In a discussion with Business Insider, a Space Force representative stated the logo was initially used back in 1942 by the military Air Forces of the United States.

Since 1942, the estuary sign has been a noticeable piece in army space community symbols, Space Force Major. William Russell stated in an interview, further adding that the United States Space Force stamp respects the Unit of the Air Force’s gratified past and top record of giving the best space functions in the world.

The focused V-shape is as well on the United States Air Force Space Command’s symbol, Space Force’s forerunner. Space Force unglued itself from the Air Force’s Space Command to develop into the 6th division of the army.