Eyes of Taiwan and China set on the opportunities arising from the trade dispute between Japan and South Korea

Technology firms of Taiwan and China are sensing an opportunity for grabbing a greater share of the global market in the display, semiconductor, and battery sectors amidst the most recent trade spat between Japan and South Korea, according to industry sources.

BOE, the Chinese display manufacturer is in the search for supplying OLED panels to the United States tech giant Apple, bearing in mind the potential challenges its Korean rival Samsung Display faces, as reported by a local newspaper Chosun Ilbo.

The display company which is at present under the ownership of the technology giant, Samsung Electronics is the exclusive provider of OLED panels for Apple’s iPhone. The largest mobile OLED display company of the world is counted amongst the Korean firms which have the possibility of suffering under the hands of the most recent Japan’s curbs on crucial material required for the manufacturing of displays and semiconductors.

The exports of hydrogen fluoride, photoresists, and fluorine polyimide; the basic three types of chemicals mandatory for the manufacture of displays and chips are at present being restricted by the government of Japan.

Luckily, these export restrictions haven’t yet impacted Samsung Display since three of these products aren’t used by the firm for its manufacturing processes for leading mobile OLED panels, the company told.

A representative of the firm stated that even though the regulations do not affect the Samsung Display directly, we will keeping a sharp eye on the developments.

Chinese chipmakers are putting in their efforts to catch up with their Korean competitors regarding the semiconductors. For years the government of Beijing has been seeking to manufacture the memory chips independently.

Fujian Jinhua Integrated Circuit Co., which is a DRAM maker of China, also famous as JHICC, made an announcement recently that it would be recruiting engineers who have experience for ten years or more at Samsung Electronics or SK Hynix.