Fitness chain F45, Australian Business expected to be listed in the US

Fitness giant F45, Australian business could be the latest to be listed in the US, with the local fitness business’ experts in favor of the brand saying that it’s good for the growth and the marketing expertise for the fitness market.

Bloomberg reported the franchise on this Thursday, saying that it has 1300+ outlets spread all over the world, and that it had filed for an initial public offer confidentially in the US.

According to the sources close to the fitness business, F45 the company was originally found by Rob Deutsch, an equities trader in the year 2012 and it expanded to hundreds of fitness centers all across the world at a very fast pace.

F45 fitness chain was valued at a total of $634 million after Mark Wahlberg, the Hollywood actor’s investment vehicle took its stake during the last year.

F45 offers the highest intensity workouts. In the year of 2017, Mr. Deutsch, the founder of the company told The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald that there were in total 480 studios spread across Australia and a total of 750 others across the remaining world, with a turnover of $400,000 for each of its studios.

Mr. Deutsch told them that F45 is the fastest franchise rollout to ever exist in Australia and they think the statement might be true for not just Australia but the World as well.

Reports that were presented on this Thursday suggested that the company had not yet made the final decision on whether to list in the United States or not but the confidential documents for the official process had been filed in order to begin it.

Ms Freeman, Fitness business consultant, who has coached many F45 franchises, said that having worked in the fitness industry for so many years, she has never seen any gym operator scaling at a pace as fast as that of F45 and she believes that the brand has longevity.