Here is why the $10 food scale is loved by 14,000 Amazon users

Do you weigh your kitchen scale options? No need— a winner has been found. We have the scale for you, whether you are preparing meals or need specific recipes. You know how important a scale in a well-equipped kitchen is when you use one already. But you don’t know why you need another gadget if you haven’t experienced the joy of using the kitchen level. Turn on, turn on. Read on.

A good kitchen scale is more precise than a cup and this is important to tricky foods like soufflé chocolate. Even coffee drinkers are serious about measuring their substances by weight.

With a scale, cups and spoons can be reduced to clean, and less effort can always be a good idea. Kitchen scales are perfect for portion control-it can help keep calories under control by measuring up your food. They convert measurements immediately (say, from ounces to grams), great for trying a recipe from another country.

Have we not told you? Okay, take this #1 Amazon bestseller now. The weight of the Etekcity kitchen is always praised by reviewers, but not always sold. Now it has to go on to a kitchen bandwagon for just $10 (down from $19). This is off 48%!

All the boxes are checked here. It is compact and thin, tucking into a cabinet or drawer. And the scale is right — small enough that a countertop will not be overwhelmed if you choose to put it out, but wide enough to accommodate a dining table.

It measures in pounds, ounces, grams, millet, and ounces of fluid. The cool and easy clean stainless steel surface. To subtract any bowl or plate you want to use just press the “tare” button. And the automatic feature ensures that the fingers filled with breadcrumbs are not needed to press a button.