Hikvision to showcase its new technologies at Intersec 2020

Hikvision, the world’s leading supplier of creative security products and solutions, will be showcasing its new technologies at Intersec 2020, Middle East’s largest security exhibition, in Dubai, UAE, from January 19–21.

Emerging technologies and innovations have opened up new opportunities for the safety industry. Visitors can experience the market-leading products and solutions for Hikvision users across different industries this year.

Hikvision’s multidimensional perception was created to address a variety of security needs, reshape security systems and provide more comprehensive protection for customers. At the display booth, visitors can see cameras with in-depth combinations of radar and video technology, showing ability to perceive in areas such as traffic management beyond the visual range.

“We will incorporate multi-sensory Hikvision video surveillance technologies, such as radar and related products, which meet different customer requirements and provide consumer security through multiple technologies,” said Binson Xu, Regional President of Hikvision Middle East.

Multi-Intelligence Cameras

Multi-intelligence technology supports multiple algorithms that run on one camera at the same time. For a host of complex scenarios, Hikvision’s new multi-intelligence cameras will run multiple deep-learning algorithms alongside. And at the same time, these cameras continuously imagine and analyze structured data of different targets, such as faces, bodies, and cars. In situations such as urban roads, they were designed to boost situational awareness, identify violations and detect vehicle types and license plate numbers.

New and Cost-Effective Thermal Cameras

Hikvision will demonstrate a modern, cost-effective thermal camera designed for perimeter security and fire prevention with breakthroughs in imaging, algorithms, and smart applications. This thermal camera is primarily designed for short-range surveillance-up to 70 meters-and, to name a few examples, is best suited for perimeter defense in residential areas, office buildings and factories.

Intelligent Vertical Solutions

Hikvision will show solutions for vertical markets and applications in the Artificial Intelligence industry. For example, by using intelligent cameras, NVRs and a video management system (VMS), Hikvision’s smart retail solution helps retailers to get a clear understanding of the statistics of their businesses. Visitors will also be able to see how the Intelligent Traffic System (ITS) of Hikvision recognizes vehicle license plates to use the virtual simulator for demonstration to control road traffic and parking areas.