Huawei to expand its Artificial Intelligence and Cloud offering

Huawei is all set to redo its organizational structure. They will be creating a distinct fourth business unit that will entirely focus on Artificial Intelligence and Cloud technologies.

As per a report in Sina, which is a Chinese news site, it was revealed that the AI and cloud division will be the 4th biggest business group in Huawei’s new structure, following after firstly the Carrier and secondly and thirdly, Consumer and Enterprise groups respectively.

The report by Sina also claimed that Hou Jinlong will be the President of the AI and Cloud business group and that he will preside over the full range of AI, Cloud and also the Connected Car initiatives.

As telcos all around the world continues in its role of the next generation networks, and the governments also continue their investments in Smart City initiatives, AI will play an extremely pervasive role in today’s inter-connected society.

This move of Huawei is further evidence to it diversifying its range of product and also it moving its service portfolio away from the traditional telecom based and the traditional smart phone offerings.  The company, Huawei looks to re-inoculate itself against the United States’ campaign of revenue stunting effects against Huawei’s mobile networks business.

Huawei has spent a huge sum of around $1.5 billion every year for the past few years on the research and the development into the Artificial Intelligence initiatives.

However, as of yet Huawei hasn’t officially made any comment on the restructuring of its organization’s business structure.

Huawei plans on remaining the biggest vendor of the 5G network architecture in the entire world. Huawei has also secured the 5G launch deals with a huge number of mobile network operators which happens to be around 60 in total all across the globe.