KSI vs Logan Paul

It is clear that KSI versus Logan Paul brought new eyes to the boxing world and it is clear that it made worldwide news as YouTube swapped for professional fighting.

However, there has recently been the number of pay-per-view sales in the UK, so it is fair to say it tanked.

BARB estimates that only 216,000 people watched the fight, according to the World Broadcasters’ Audience Research Board (WBSB), despite the fact that it was half the cost of a typical PPV.

Sky Sports Box Office typically charges £19.99 for a fight, but Eddie Hearn and co. agreed on this occasion to charge only £ 9.95, but as people were asked to make payment in terms of two non-boxers, you can understand why the buys were so small in Great Britain.

The two names were made on YouTube by KSI and Logan Paul. Both have won millions and millions of subscribers on that platform, but that was just not related to the boxing ring, which could make Hearn rethink plans to dive back into that market.

There is absolutely no doubt the hype for the battle was enormous and there’s no doubt that many people watched the media conferences and the whole contents leading to the November 9 meeting.

The battle fell as a professional, and KSI legit now has a 1-0 record in boxing, but the fighting standard is quite frankly scrapy.

Both of them swung wildly, and even when he was grounded, Paul was docked to punch KSI. The failure to know the rules made the event a farce.

KSI vs Logan Paul has had less money to buy than David Haye vs Audley Harrison.

It isn’t shocking that the war ended in the UK for almost two years as a trigger for PPV.