Latest version of Firefox 74 to prevent Facebook tracking

Mozilla has announced the latest Firefox update (74) – Firefox Container extension which will help in preventing Facebook from tracking its users. Facebook Container has been launched to screen its users outside its platform. This latest function announcement has been due to the increasing urgency of protecting personal data.

Sources reveal the latest version of the web browser has an improved login and password management and is simplified in importing of favorites and browsing history from Microsoft Edge.

Furthermore, the add-ons installed by external applications will also be removed through Add-ons Manager. In addition, only users will be able to install such modules.

Sources reveal the extension will automatically block Facebook logins, likes, and comments on non-Facebook sites. Users can however also create an exception by adding custom sites to the Container.

Facebook Container 74 has compatibility with other services of Facebook such as Workplace, Facebook Messenger and Instagram.

Mozilla isn’t the first to launch add-on security measures. Urgency for protecting personal data has become a topmost priority. Google recently installed several security and privacy features on the Chrome browser. Furthermore, DuckDuckGo also introduced “Tracker Radar,” an open source tool for real-time listing of advertising trackers on the web.

Furthermore, Firefox 74 has also made it easy to import bookmarks and history from the latest Microsoft Edge browser on Mac and Windows. In addition, it has disabled the sideloading extensions from third-party apps. Add-ons of this type can also be deleted by using built-in Add-ons Manager.