LUCA Biologics to advance live biotherapeutics for women’s unmet health concerns

A biotechnology firm, LUCA Biologics, founded by scientist Jacques Ravel, former Google Verily and Roche executive Luba Greenwood, and life sciences attorney Greg Sieczkiewicz, publicized today how it intends to generate live biotherapeutics for numerous pervasive women’s healthcare issues. Jacques Ravel will act as the Chief Scientist at LUCA Biologics.

LUCA Biologics very first goal will be to tackle urinary tract infection. According to the World Health Organization, UTI is estimated to affect nearly half of all women around the world, is the most commonly found bacterial infection in the U.S., but has limited available treatments.

Trials by the Food and Drug Administration are expected to be headed by the faculty at Harvard Medical School and will be carried out at Massachusetts General Hospital. The company will start recruiting patients by fall this year.

In spite of the adverse effects faced by patients, the dramatic increase in antibiotic resistance, and the inability to prevent the recurrence antibiotics are presently the only major available treatment.

“To date, there really is no treatment for recurrent UTIs, the most tricky ones that leave patients in a very challenging place,” LUCA cofounder and chairman of its board, Raja Dhir, stated in a talk.

The Food and Drug Authority has vigorously urged against using numerous antibiotics as treatments for community-acquired urinary tract infection. This leaves patients with little options for treatments.

Ravel’s study provides a basis of the present knowledge of the vaginal microbiome and the role microbes play in averting or curing pervasive conditions.

Jacques Ravel, a professor of microbiology and immunology at the University of Maryland and an associate director of genomics at the UMD’s Institute for Genome Sciences, runs a lab that researches the part that the vaginal microbiome plays in women’s health. He is also a leading scientist with the NIH Microbiome Project.