NanoLock Security as well as Dutch KPN for IoT Devices to Demonstrate NLSecur’s Powerful Flash-to-Cloud Security

KPN Secure, the Netherlands ‘ leading IT security specialist and NanoLock Security pioneer in IoT and mobile edge applications flash-to-cloud protection, shows the solid cyber-security and control of KPN’s SOC by live monitoring of smart meters and real-time alerts.

NanoLock offers KPN a robust IoT safety solution for KPN customers that provides cybersecurity and unparalleled visibility at the device level. During the NLSecur[ID ] event, KPN and NanoLock Security will prove how attackers can manage the use of electricity in customer smart meters and how protection from NanoLock can prevent such attacks and report them to KPN’s SOC in real-time.

KPN can extend its cybersecurity services using the NanoLock solution incorporate IoT device level safety, management as well as tracking of products such as smart meters, camera devices and other IoT devices connected to it. The 360-degree visibility of the NanoLock device level is intended to broaden the functionality of the KPN to collect accurate, real-time and comprehensive warnings and status reports on a wide variety of IoT devices with inspection and forensic data which involves detailed data on blocked assaults, handling information and more.

Device-level, design security solution defends IoT and wireless devices from cyber-attacks, relies on a flash device memory to create trustworthiness, and expands a strong flash-to-cloud defense — from deeply embedded terminals to the Cloud — with no additional device costs and no computer power supply. The security solution protects IoT and wireless devices against cyber-attacking.

“As the leading telecom provider for the Netherlands, we’re in a unique position to provide industry-leading technologies to our customers,” told Sjoerd Hulzinga, IoT Security Product Manager, KPN. “IoT connectivity is among the fastest-growing demands from businesses and other customers alike. With NanoLock’s protection, management and monitoring of IoT devices integrated into KPN’s SOC, we will be able to offer our customers a robust cybersecurity solution. This will ensure that as our product and customer ecosystem continue to take hold in the IoT space, we can keep them protected from growing cyber threats and vulnerabilities.”

“We’re excited to showcase NanoLock’s solution with KPN at NLSecur[ID],” told Yoni Kahana, VP Business Development, NanoLock Security. “As IoT continues to gain momentum in the telecom and utilities industries, we believe that more companies will require new techniques to keep these critical devices and networks safe. By leveraging NanoLock’s solution, KPN customers will be protected from potential cyberattacks and vulnerabilities, and KPN will receive important monitoring analytics and forensic data that can be leveraged to understand trends and prevent the next attack.”