New Campaign By UNICEF Thailand For Mozambique

Given that Thailand is one of the leading countries in the world in the healthcare industry they are now focusing on methods on expanding to other regions and help other countries that are in need of the high quality of health. The country has created a campaign by all the celebrities in the region to help spread awareness of the latest tragedy in Mozambique. The country has faced a natural disaster known as a cyclone which has affected the tribe there terribly in terms of their health.

This is why Thailand has decided to provided their quality healthcare to Mozambique through big campaigns to encourage people to pay for the work and push other bodies and countries to take part of the work. This was the move suggested by the UNICEF located in Thailand which forms a new move to support African countries who are in need.

This was commented on by the deputy representative for Unicef Thailand, Juan Santander who said the following: “Many children have lost their homes, schools, friends and loved ones. The cyclones took everything away from them. Over the past few months, Unicef and partners have been racing against time to provide urgent assistance to save children’s lives. The needs remain urgent and massive, as any prolonged interruption in access to essential supplies and services could lead to disease outbreaks and spikes in malnutrition, to which children are especially vulnerable. I heard heartbreaking stories of many children who have lost everything.”