New Customer Service For Foreigners

It is safe to say that Thailand is one of the most developed countries in the world in terms of Healthcare. One of the moves that proves such a fact is the number of people who visit the country just to be part of their healthcare and quality care. The government has even created a visa for foreigners who are willing to visit as a patient. This visa is issued with a mandatory insurance policy to help aid the patients and provide the best quality overall.

However, recent news have shown that there will be a new expansion and growth in the healthcare system for Thailand. This was announced by the Public Health Ministry in the first National AHNC Forum that took place in Bangkok on June 14. This conference held almost 800 different bodies of the healthcare sector in Thailand of the leading part. The new announcement included that foreigners are now expected to receive International-Standard Healthcare services  through a specific service known as the Foreign Customer Service Centers (FCSC). This will be available at almost 133 different facilities all over the country to cope with the huge number of foreign patients.

This was explained and commented on by , Dr. Pisit Sriprasert who is the Deputy Permanent Secretary for Public Health who was one of the main key note speakers in the event. He expressed how this service will be made by delivering high quality facilities, tools and resources to all the foreigners visiting especially for the healthcare.