Not the right tech to spend on

Mojipic is a fascinating IndieGoGo project aimed at bringing emojis to your car in order to express your mood on the road. Presented as the first smart voice system for emojis in the world, it consists of a small display which can be seen at night as well. This uses Siri and Google Assistant to show on the back of the vehicle the emojis and GIFs you want to view.

There are over 1,500 GIFs and emojis to share, eight pre-installed 8-bit games to amuse passengers on board, the ability to create new emojis, and a smartphone app to handle anything. A gadget of questionable usefulness that seems to have inspired some people: Mojipic’s team is currently engaged in the final prototype development.

Do you imagine driving your car in front of you and staring at the car’s emoji? Personally, I find this gadget dangerous because it can annoy drivers and even trigger discussions between different drivers, particularly when used to communicate moods while driving and, as you know, keeping quiet while stuck in traffic is often not easy!

Even our toothbrushes have become wise, and this is nothing new. But, Unobrush is an amazing smart toothbrush with a herecle-like feature! In conjunction with 360-degree Wrap technology, the unconventional shape of the toothbrush is designed to reach 99.9 percent of the tooth surface on any mouth form.

What this tool focuses on is the power in just six seconds to clean your teeth. Unobrush comes with a smart charging base that uses UV light to protect your toothbrush from bacteria. In this case, we’re faced with an accessory that’s useful in everyday life, even if it’s unusual in design, but I have to admit that watching the videos and photos on the Indiegogo campaign page, I find it hard to think it’s useful.

This is a simple idea: a plastic shower curtain to match smartphones and tablets with various pocket sizes. The pockets are set at different heights to accommodate users of different ages and heights and point out to keep the electronic devices you will communicate with in the shower secure.