Novartis To Start Cancer Drugs And Biotech In Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has only recently made its move towards different markets. The government has focused its time, efforts and investments in fields that needs to be increased in the country and developed. This includes the healthcare industry, pharmaceuticals and biotech. This has encouraged all bodies and companies that fall under these fields to work harder to produce and release highly advanced products.

One country that falls under the umbrella and is leading in the field is Novartis. Novartis plays a very strong and important role in Saudi Arabia as a leadng pharmaceutical company. Recently it has focused its focus globally on biotech products. However, as the new move and direction in the country was set, the company has now decided to take a step forward towards inviting new developments in Saudi Arabia including biotech products and cancer drugs.

The company has faced a lot of problems in releasing these two fields and products in the United States. However, the board believes that Saudi Arabia is a great market to kick start their new developments and expect better results.

They would be able to establish such a huge move through their partnership with Sudair Pharma which allows them to exchange and share technologies. They then will be able to produce their cancer drugs in Saudi Arabia together with other biotech products.

They have also picked Saudi Arabia as a region that has high demand. Unfortunately, Saudi Arabia is a country with the highest rates of cancer in the area.