Promising future of Philips based on improvements in data integration

It was told by Doctor Felix Baader that Thailand has enjoyed strong growth potential in the market of medicines as a leader in the Asia Pacific region. He told that the country also faces many challenges ahead. Dr. Felix is the business leader for monitoring & analytics at Philips.

In an exclusive interview with The Nation, he stated that for the growth potential in the medical industry, there are various things he sees in Thailand. First, as being one of the top Asia Pacific leaders we can experience huge growth, in the double-digit area. And for the dynamic factor, we believe that Thailand can make more & more progress in growing along the journey of Thailand 4.0.

He added that there is an excellent educational level in healthcare in Thailand, which is the key driver, especially in medical schools. Medical tourism is a great thing to further advance in. He was positively surprised and sees this a potential opportunity in the market of Thailand for Philips.

However, Baader added that the healthcare challenges will increase with time as Thailand becomes an aging society. There is also a requirement of a sustained commitment & action from hospitals for Healthy aging. Seamlessly connected data will be the key benefit for aging people as there will be transformation & integration of information into meaningful & connected healthcare.

At the regional & global level, we notice a rise in population & a lot of patient data. So, we see two major things. One is integrated solutions in which all disorganized data is integrated to become meaningful information for healthcare professionals. This results in more effective outcomes in patient care. The 2nd is value-based innovations which shouldn’t play in the price war. At Philips, we offer meaningful innovation, which improves clinical outcomes, makes life better & benefit the health of the patients.