Prototype Wii Nunchuk Controller Included A Rumble Motor

Last year a model controller for the GameCube came up for auction on Yahoo Japan and shed a bit a lot of lightweight on the evolution of the Wii Remote. a gray model version of the controller blocked into the console directly, as did an outsized IR bar almost like the one which might eventually ship with the Wii. A familiar-looking Nunchuk controller was conjointly enclosed that connected to the remote via a typical coax cable, and it looks that it enclosed one thing missing from the ultimate version – a rumble motor.

Hard4Games recently took a closer look to verify the model for comparison of the Wiimote we tend to all recognize and love and this shorter GameCube version. The Nunchuk is slimmer than the assembly model, however, it is otherwise terribly similar on the skin a minimum of. recently denote photos of the Nunchuk controller’s entrails sent to him by somebody in possession of a model and it seems to point out a rumble motor almost like those utilized in choose Game Boy Advan. While the images are not the most effective quality, they clearly show an element that appears to be a rumble motor And Moore provides a comparison to an example from the GBA cartridge Drill tractor. As noted last year the buttons on the Wii Remote model come back from a Game Boy Advance SP, therefore it is sensible that Nintendo would possibly cannibalize alternative GBA elements for its model hardware.

Obviously, the rumble feature was removed within the final product, however, this can be probably the explanation for conflicting reports before the Wii launched on whether or not the Nunchuk contained a rumble motor.

With the GameCube having simply celebrated the eighteenth day of remembrance of its Japanese launch, this yet again highlights however concepts from the GameCube era would endure to power the vastly triple-crown Wii.ce cartridges.