Robotics changing Middle East’s warehousing & inventory sector

As stated by a United Arab Emirates sector pioneer, technologies run by automation and artificial intelligence are completely modifying the Middle East’s warehousing sector, lifting advanced inventory control to the top of their agenda and improving cost-control.

The Chief Executive Officer and Founder of IQ Robotics, Fadi Amoudi is among the exhibitors at Materials Handling Middle East, which is among the Middle East’s finest warehousing, intralogistics and supply chain solutions show. Amoudi stated how the rapidlygrowing robotics sector is increasingly altering the business landscape worldwide. Governments in the Middle East have shifted their attention on digital transformation and the chance of rapid development, acknowledging the potential in the vast sector of robotics. The United Arab Emirates, with a thorough plan for the development of automation and next-gen tech, is among the chief regions heading this transformation. He added how IQ Robotics is among the top firms in the Middle East which are making use of the benefits of robotics to contribute towards business development. He stated how they intend to show, at the Materials Handling ME 2019, how the robotics industry is changing the logistics industry, since it is the most appropriate opportunity to showcase the growth in robotics for businesses.

The open-to-all Scalex supply chain and logistics forum of the show will take place on the 3rd and 4th of September at the Dubai World Trade Center. This year, it will highlight the technology which is rapidly changing the industry.

Messe Frankfurt, the Materials Handling ME organizer, stated how numerous chief factors are leading the demand for smart warehousing in the Middle East, for instance, the need to get to the market faster to meet client demands, need for more efficiencies, etc.