SCARY BEAUTY: Opera performance in the UAE by a Japanese robot

In a lyrical appearance Scary Beauty, a humanoid robot with artificial intelligence is about to appear for the first time in the Middle East on 31 January.

The piece, designed by the composer Keiichiro Shibuya, questions our technological relationship, in particular, the dependence on our own technological inventions. Shibuya was inspired by literature, in particular by the beating poet William S. Burroughs and internationally-renowned French novelist Michel Houellebecq in composing the music and writing the lyrics.

The robot controls the musicians, the volume and the tempo throughout the game. Alter 3–this is his name–adds to the output electronic sounds, he’s singing with the musicians. Android offers a strange vision of a science fiction film with his robot, his hands and his face, borrowed from humans.

In 2017, the robot prototype produced a progressive version of the opera. The first was conducted during a conference devoted to artificial intelligence in 2018, in Tokyo, by the Android Alter 2. The AI scientist and Osaka University professor, Hiroshi Ishiguro, is responsible for this technical feat. The composer Shibuya designed the program that Alter 3 will execute its functions with Warner Music in Japan for the most recent version of the humanoid robot.

A humanitarian robot with artificial intelligence appears in a lyric Scary Beauty on 31 January, for the first time in the Middle East.

This work, designed by composer Keiichiro Shibuya, calls into question our technological relationship, particularly the reliability of our own inventions.

Throughout the game, the robot controls the musicians, volume and tempo. Alter 3–this is his name–adds to the electronic sounds created and the musicians sing. Android gives his robot, hands and face, borrowed from people a weird vision of a science fiction movie.