Self-driving vehicles without human control

The first self-driven vehicles designed in absence of human controls such as steering wheels, pedals, side view mirrors have been given permission to test these vehicles on US roads.

Nuro is the company that has designed these vehicles. The vehicle comes under Nuro second generation of its vehicles, which is also called as R2, will be tested in Houston, Texas. Most of the rules for testing of vehicles would require a driver who would take control of the vehicle.

The US transport secretary has said that given the top speed of the vehicle restricted at 25 mph, these requirements, would no longer make sense.

The Department of Transportation would also keenly look into the testing of vehicles. In a blog the Co – Founder of Nuro Dave Ferguson said this decision was a milestone for the industry.

He also said that everyone in the industry must work towards providing self-driving technology and this technology must be tested and deployed in the safest possible way.

General Motors has also requested for an exemption to test its self-driving Chevy bolt. The bolt has a higher top speed than Nuro’s R2 vehicle. Nuro vehicle are basically designed to operate without a driver or passengers in them.