Sequans speeds up 5G production in Israel with a bigger team

Sequans Communications S.A., the leading IoT 5 G, and 4 G Chips and Modulus developer and provider, today announced the opening of a new design center to accelerate its new 5 G development of Sequans products in Israel. The new team is focused on developing new 5 G mobile devices from Sequans and vital IoT products that supplement their current major IoT products, including the Monarch and Calliope business flagship platforms.

Since 2013, Sequans has been involved in developing 5 G technologies for many years and ongoing developments in 5 G R&D, by engaging in strategic collaborations with visionaries of the industry and by participating in the 5 G Public-Private Partnership (5G-PPP). The expanded R&D Center will allow Sequans to consolidate its 5 G leadership position and complete its full range of products covering three key segments of the IoT market–big, critical and massive IoT.

Including a 5 G conforming Monarch 2 LTE-M / NB-IoT chip, revealed in 2019 which will deal with the huge IoT market, and a new Taurus 5 G which will tackle the breadth and vital IoT markets, Sequans ‘ devices are ready for production.

Israel is located in the Israeli city of Ramat-Gan.

The business of Sequans communication S.A. (NISE: SQNS) is a leading 5 G and 4 G chip and IoT system modules manufacturer and operator. With large 5G/4 G IoT implementations, Sequans offers a wide product portfolio focused on the chip platforms with Monarch LTE-M / NB-IoT, Calliope Cat 1, offering a broad range of optimized features and the world’s leading power consumption. Sequans provides a product portfolio focused on its Cassiopeia Cat 4/Cat 6 4 G and Taurus 5 G high-end chip architectures for broadband and essential IoT applications. Such systems are designed for the low-cost consumer, business, and industrial purposes. Sequans has a head office in the United States, France, Paris, Israel, Hong Kong, Singapore, Sweden, South Korea, Taiwan, and China, established in 2003. Sequans has offices in Paris.