Smart and sustainable cities of the United Arab Emirates and its leaders are ready to celebrate the last sale of oil

The first precept reporters learn on their journeys through the UAE is that petroleum is an endless life and the county now takes the clean energy path ahead. As a result, it began in 2008 to build a city of the future called Masdar City which aims to become the most sustainable province in the world— and a magnet for similar multinationals.

The Emirates or the UAE depends on the money generated by the petroleum sector — money used for the construction of hospitals, schools, and roads. Nevertheless, the leadership of the nation understood that technology fundamentally reshapes society and thus developed a plan for 2030 to constantly change and grow its economic base.

The basis from which leaders implement technologies, commit to timelines and generate returns, providing employee safety and quality of life is a trifecta made up of the business and environmental industries and society. Intelligent cities around the world can be replicated. But each region has its own culture and environment that would unify its efforts. Innovation and sustainability are the underlying premises.

A 10-megawatt solar farm connected to the local grid-powered the city, and that can use natural gas unless the sun shines. The solar panels can also be equipped with every building in the complex. Director Baselaib states that every building on campus has the highest standard of efficiency certified: since 2008, water consumption has decreased by 30 percent and energy consumption has dropped by 35 percent.

In particular, the buildings are designed to collect information and send that information to the cloud that they use. Analysts have access and use preventive maintenance to information. Most of this work will eventually be done by the next-generation artificial intelligence.

The country aims to recruit brand companies from around the world by building a model town in the desert. The goal is to be a catalyst for sustainable development and to provide internal expertise for incoming companies, all of which will help them meet the highest standards of efficiency and save money.