Thailand: A home to the world’s best health experts

It has been known since ages that Thailand is the home to the best health experts of the world & the healthcare staff who can provide the best services, improbable to be found anywhere else. Many well-known Thai doctors have received their medical training in Western countries at famous medical schools & institutions. They have gained their knowledge & experience along with the most cutting-edge technology & techniques in healthcare. Returning home from overseas studies, they’ve been able to gain more reputation and experience in their practice as experts in many fields. There’s still a lot of room for growth, however, competition is much less fierce than in the West.

But the main thing which encourages foreign patients to consider coming to go through medical procedures in Thailand is the low-cost point. Patients who have no insurance in the United States, Europeans & who cannot tolerate the long queues for basic procedures in their own countries, or patients belonging from low-income countries in the outlook for better healthcare services than they have in their home country, come to Thailand seeking good quality & cost benefits.

Private hospitals in Thailand respond very quickly with clearly defined & competitively priced procedure packages, special services and rates for corporate clients. Above all is the United States’ Joint Commissions International accreditation, in almost every hospital catering to international patients. This removes the concerns of quality which anyone might have.

ASEAN is real & many foreign workers are already welcomed by Thailand. The Department of Labor reported that the number of legal foreign workers is now twice as compared with half-decade ago from just more than a million to over 2 million today. Thailand already hosts around 40M visitors each year with an average stay of around 10 days per person.