The army officials of Iran were aware that it unintentionally hit a passenger airplane immediately after it occurred

Flight 752 of the Ukraine International Airlines, consisting of 176 passengers, collided in Iran on 8th January. Every person in the flight lost his life in a disastrous crash.

The source of the crash as reported initially by Iran’s government was unidentified. The Revolutionary Guard Corps of Iran, an army unit that responses straight to the mighty leader of the country recommended a possible machine-driven failure on the Boeing 737 plane inclusive.

However days ahead, subsequent entitlements from numerous overseas governments recommended the airplane was shot down, Iran self-confessed its inaccuracy: A Revolutionary Guards fighter, on great demand in the wake of the United States -ordered drone raid on Iranian army leader Qassem Soleimani, unintentionally fired 2 antiaircraft drones at the passenger aircraft.

That is as stated on Sunday in a new section in the New York Times, which mentions that the Revolutionary Guards of Iran were aware that it had made the miscalculation soon after the drones were attacked.

General Amir Ali Hajizadeh, frontrunner of the Revolutionary Guards aerospace unit, was informed of the news immediately after. I called the officers and informed them this has occurred and it is very much probable we hit our own airplane, he commented in an on-screen statement.

What happened next, as stated in the NYT report, was an effort by the Revolutionary Guards of Iran to retain the news from the public, and even from the president of Iran Hassan Rouhani.

Instead of informing President Hassan Rouhani, Iran’s Revolutionary Guards informed directly to the supreme leader of Iran, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. General Hajizadeh and the rest of Revolutionary Guards generals allegedly did not inform the president or army of Iran what they identified to be the probable reality.