To enhance the well-being of Thai people, new dual degree aims to grow job opportunities in the medical technology field

The 4-year UG Medical Innovation Engineering (MIE) program will be combining the Bachelor of Medical Engineering (Honors) from the University of Newcastle and the Bachelor of Science (Medical Innovation) degree from Chulabhorn Royal Academy.

The Chulabhorn Royal Academy was found in 2016 to help enhance the health outcomes of Thai people under the guidance of Her Royal Highness Princess Chulabhorn, who is a strong supporter of medical research & has a doctorate in science. It has already become one of the leading learning & research centers in the fields of science, medicine, public health & environment management.

Princess Chulabhorn stated that she founded Chulabhorn Royal Academy to carry on the dedicated work of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej to enhance the well-being of the people of Thailand.

She said that the graduates, as well as, trained personnel from this non-profit institute will not only be equipped with the knowledge, but also a code of ethics. To provide standard medical services to society, their selfless devotion will be extensively recognized.

She added that if we can create technologies related to medical field ourselves cost-effectively, we can more extensively address the medical problems & make it accessible to all Thai citizens.

Professor Rick Middleton Head of the School of Electrical and Computing Engineering at the University of Newcastle stated that the medical technology field is evolving at a fast pace, and the new dual degree will equip students with an exceptional combination of skills.

He added that a lot of countries around the world are prioritizing research & innovation in medical technologies. The degree will be blending medical science & innovation, engineering, and entrepreneurship so that the graduates can work for medical technology firms, or even create their start-ups.