Will gadgets be able to survive getting bounced off of a crossbar? Let’s find out

Shane Hnidy and Jeff Bakalar of the Golden Knights of Vegas attempt one of the biggest torture tests that any of us have ever attempted.

This happened during the CES 2020, where we provided complete coverage for the showroom and also the latest tech gadgets that were around.

Ice hockey, as we all know is not just the best thing in the whole wide world, but it’s also the fastest, craziest and the most frenetic sport out of all the other professional sports.

So while we were Las Vegas for the CES 2020, during our coverage for the showroom floor and also the tech gadgets that were there, we decided to do another experiment and work on something exciting for a change.

The idea was to reach out to the Golden Knights of Las Vegas, Jeff Balakar and Shane Hnidy and check if they would help us out with the torture testing on ice at the event.

We were extremely lucky in this regard as the awesome people in the Vegas Golden Knights organization not just agreed on letting us do it but were of immense help as well. They hosted us to the practice facility of the team, which was at the City’s National Arena, located in Summerlin, Nevada.

Then along with the former NHLer and the on air analyst for the Golden Knights, Shane Hnidy, we performed several totally unscientific, and also let me add, kind of hilarious tests on different tech gear that  we were able to get the companies to send us.

The results turned out to be really surprising, more than you can imagine, and above all they perfectly demonstrate the stakes that are associated in getting front of a vulcanized frozen rubber’s small piece.