OPPO poised to give India an R&D boost

OPPO has announced a $7 billion capital infusion into its research and development wing to tackle the advanced problems the industry segment faces with the development of technology and the rise of better technologies every day at cheaper pricing for the same. The cost of doing business in technology has been increasing since the whole

India leading a duty-led import growth regime for electronic components

The Indian manufacturing sector in technically advanced ranges has developed astoundingly in the past few years and India has taken a leading role in the manufacturing and export of smartphones and other components which have given India arising reputation in the world when it comes to the manufacturing capabilities and the necessary technical expertise that

Autonomous vehicles, a policy in the making

The concept of autonomous vehicles isn’t something that hasn’t been debated or discussed upon very often and passionately as those not in favor of the technological advancement have sighted the inability of the artificial intelligence backed machines to exhibit emotions and the motor controls of that of a human which eventually leads to the chaotic

Accenture Acquires Australian Government Consultancy Apis Group

Accenture has gained Apis Group, a secretly held Australian consultancy with profound industry ability giving key warning, advanced structure, and conveyance administrations to government associations. The terms of the procurement were not disclosed. The bargain means to support Accenture’s administrations to government and wellbeing customers in Australia. Headquartered in Canberra, Apis Group was established in