Advancement made in resistance against disease in Brassica oilseed crops

A significant breakthrough has been made by an international team led by India’s Punjab Agricultural University, with researchers from The University of Western Australia, in resistance against disease in Brassica oilseed crops. Amongst the important types of plants, brassica is the one in the mustard family with various kinds which are used commonly for food

eHealth and Innovation continues to deliver promising results

According to Beraterbide and Kelsey, eHealth is defined as a process of innovation instead of just a structure or tech for delivering better healthcare. Considering the experience of various countries in the region, in eHealth, the innovations not only require adopting novel technologies but also the escorting organizational change which takes into consideration economic, political,

Investors are speculating whether to invest in semiconductors or not due to a drop in iPhone sales

Orders from the technology giant; Apple Inc. have been a blessing to the semiconductor players, mainly because of the reputation of the firm’s iPhone over the last ten year, however, due to the down-trending sales of the smartphone, investors are speculating whether or not they should hold on to their investment stocks related to semiconductors.

Shares of the Oncolytics Biotech are up by 8.1 percent

Oncolytics Biotech, Inc. (TSE:ONC’s) stock value shot up 8.1% during noontime exchanging on Friday . The organization exchanged as high as C$0.86 and last exchanged at C$0.80, 140,240 offers exchanged hands during exchanging an expansion of 289 percent from the normal session volume of 36,041 offers. The stock had recently shut at C$0.74.Independently, Royal Bank