2020 In the IoT Analytics Market, the year of continuous intelligence

Continuous intelligence technologies will be more widely adopted in 2020, raising IoT data analytics far beyond traditional operational levels and having a greater impact on strategic planning and organizational change, says ABI Research, a global tech market consulting firm.

ABI Research analysts have described 35 developments that will form the technology landscape in their latest whitepaper, 54 Technology Developments to Watch in 2020, and 19 others that, while drawing huge amounts of attention and analysis, appear less likely to move the needle in the next twelve months.

“After a turbulent 2019 full of obstacles, both central to technology markets and resulting from global market conditions, 2020 is expected to be equally challenging,” says Stuart Carlaw, ABI Research’s Chief Research Officer. What will happen in 2020: Continuous Intelligence: “In the IoT analytics industry, the idea of Continuous Intelligence will expand, allowing for more advanced analytics in near-real-time,” says Kateryna Dubrova, M2 M, IoT & IoE Analyst at ABI Research.

“What’s not going to happen in 2020: the IoT platform market will not consolidate: ‘ There have been predictions for many years that the IoT platform supplier market will start to consolidate, and that’s just not going to happen, ‘ says Dan Shey, ABI Research’s Vice President of Enabling Platforms. ‘ The simple reason is that there are more than 100 companies offering device-to-cloud IoT platform services and IoT platform services.

And the leverage that its owners have over their spectrum blocks, providing IoT consumers with a stable, controlled, reliable service-based guarantee, “says Adarsh Krishnan, M2 M, IoT & IoE Principal Analyst at ABI Research. Edge Does Not Overtake Cloud:” Accelerated development in edge technology and a smart device model created one of the biggest misconceptions in the industry: edge technology.