A giant fighting robot is on eBay

MegaBots, the originator of large fighting robots and therefore the most productive effort thus far to create an enormous robotic fighting league property, can presently fireplace for bankruptcy. In anticipation of the bankruptcy filing, the corporate is commerce-off its assets. Most notably its 15-ton, 2 story-tall fighting mechanism, Eagle Prime, is up for no-reserve auction on eBay.

The Japan fight was successful in some ways, garnering over eight million views. However, it absolutely was additionally the start of the tip of MegaBots’ brave effort to form a property fighting league for big robots. Serious technical problems throughout the bout created associate degree unaltered version unreasonable for public unharness. Instead, MegaBots created associate degree altered, written version of the fight. The technology on show was really spectacular, however, a vocal contingent of critics referred to as baccalaureate. Large mechanism fighting, it appeared wasn’t prepared for clock time. Thus, the eBay auction.

According to the listing:

Eagle Prime is probably going the world’s most combat-capable battle mech. This 15-ton mechanism is powered by a 430 HP LS3 V8 Engine usually found within the Chevrolet warship. It’s piloted by 2 individuals and stands eleven.5 linear unit tall once it’s squatting down and regarding 16 ft tall once it’s standing up. Note, it’s typically cited as a 12-ton mechanism on-line, however, those were estimations. once activity, we tend to currently realize it weighs 15-tons.

The lucky winner will have to contend a number of quirks. for instance, the laborious plastic panels on the robots’ treads will need to be replaced soon.

The enormous cannon might or might not work, the sellers disclose. that is as a result of they used it as a ram within the fight with Japan. In any event, they believe it’s serviceable.