A glimmer of hope for the revival of the sector

The tides have seemed to be bottoming out, and the drylands of economic stances have played barren into the hands of all the key stakeholders in the country like Steel, Petroleum, Automobile, Telecom, and Cement, all of which have been pivotal in shaping the economy to what it is today and the future of the definitive economic stances will be delivered on the platform which has these eight pillars for support and enriching the environment by garnering fresh counterparts into the Industry with the necessary technology and the advancements in the engineering fields to revive growth. A slowdown is essentially like forest fire, and after it bottoms out, everyone has the same potential to win it on the barren lands, for it is like a refresh buttons for the consumer and this has been prevalent in the festive season of the country where marginal rises were seen in the retail sales of vehicles depicting not a trend per se but a cue for the trend to come off the buying spree that the Indian market is capable of and is determined to unload given a free cash owing circumstance and the cover of the central bank blown from the economic activities in the region as the NPA’s have made it mandatory for the central bank to step in the ring and stop the bout between market forces and the consumer sentiments as one doesn’t want to tolerate the other and in the process has led to a downfall in the credit rating of the country in general.

The sales of utility vehicles and passenger vehicles grew in the last month by good numbers, compensating the much-needed augmentation of sales and revenue for the companies engaged in all possible policy measures to ensure that the unemployment numbers don’t rise and hurt the company as well as the country as a whole.