Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week aiming to achieve SDGs in the new decade

Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week 2020 to help start an era to strive for achieving SDGs, the Sustainable Development Goals, of the United Nations for 2030. The event will start on the 11th of January and will run till 18th January, 2019.

Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week, is one of the flagships sustainability events in the world, with it kicking off at the very beginning of a new decade. The event will host experts and specialists from 175 diverse countries, along with hosting various important programs, including a global platform that aims to promote international dialogue on the topic.

The topics of this year’s event followed the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations, which range from food to water, energy to climate change, space exploration and the future of transport and key technologies in the health sector. Artificial Intelligence, youth and its role in the community will also be discussed.

The Chief Executive Officer of Masdar, Abu Dhabi’s Future Energy Company, Mohamed Jameel Al Ramahi told the Emirates News Agency that various issues regarding international sustainable development will be discussed at the event, whilst emphasizing on vital areas, for instance, water, waste and its effect on the environment, renewable energy, youth and its role in the community, etc.

UAE Vision 2021 includes sustainable development at its core as this is the national agenda for the year. Various initiatives in agreement with the sustainable goals of the UN were also launched by the program under which the National Committee on Sustainable Development Goals was also established, as well as it offering help around the globe.

Recently, the Air Quality Index was launched by the UAE, IRENA, the International Renewable Energy Agency’s headquarters were hosted by the country as well as the implementation of several local and international projects was seen.

In order to achieve a green economy, the Emirates launched the UAE Green Growth Strategy in 2012. The slogan of this initiative was ‘A Green Economy for Sustainable Development’. Various areas such as renewable energy, investment, agriculture, and environmental policies were included in the initiative.