Aftermath of The FCFC Explosion

Taiwan has always been one of the leading countries in the world in chemicals harnessing and production. The main source of income from exports in Taiwan is the chemicals trading. This is because of the high number of chemicals available in the country in their natural resources. This has inspired many companies in the country to move forward and work with chemicals; creating plants to harness such materials.

However, recently it has been announced that Formosa’s plant, a leading manufacturer of chemicals and fibers have exploded. This has caused many different negative impacts on the company, the city and everyone in the area. As the news struck the community, there has been a lot of down sides to the company ever since this explosion took place.

The most important change that has afflicted the company was the fact that Formosa Chemical & Fibres (FCFC) had to shut of its aromatics unit in the city of Mailiao. The plant will no longer be effective due to the explosion caused by leaking.

An high positioned employee at the plant released a statement earlier saying, “There were no injuries and the fire was quickly brought under control.” He further commented that the shut of the unit is only to inspect the reason behind the leakage and to solve the problem from occurring once more in the future. However the company has faced many negative results from the government including paperwork approvals and a fine of millions due to pollution of the city.