Ambitions of new Dubai messaging app to take on Snapchat, Whats App and all free messaging platforms

A businessman based in Dubai has been wanting to undertake Snapchat, as well as, Whatsapp. In fact, he want to take on any messaging platform which is for free out there.

Chairman of RSG Group, Balvinder Singh Sahni, has invested in Dh400 million for a 10 percent stake in the business which has invented the “Yzer” app which is not only a platform for messaging but can be used as a video, voice, and data messaging platformSan. This app is picking up speed and hitting a next level in the United Arab Emirates.

Sanhi has dismissed any mention of the messaging platforms which are used all over the world such as Snapchat and WhatsApp.

The most potential side of the new app ‘Yzer’ is its feature of ‘instant translation engine’. If this works as perfectly as has been expected, it could help in taking the messaging apps to a whole new level, possibly wiping up all type of cross-cultural barriers.

Sahni stated that Yzer is a platform which is very robust and has a feature of instant translation engines for seventeen popular languages and soon there will be addition of eight more languages.

You can send a message in Hindi or Chinese, and believe you me, it will translate the message in best ever way in English. The app is packed in with features which will bring in so many followers not just in the United Arab Emirates and also from the world.

The app is developed by the founder of Yzer Group, Alibeb Issaev.

Not only is the app available for android phones but also on the Apple app stores.

Would the technology model and business of Yzer – its amazing new features, seek the attention of global incumbents in the messaging services? That time will tell.