Apple AirPods Reportedly Survive Journey After Man Accidentally Swallows One

Apple AirPods might have received another testament to their build quality – passing through the human duct uninjured. A Taiwanese man realized he had enveloped one earbud of his AirPods whereas he was sleeping. Ben Hsu, a navy recruiter within the port town of Kaohsiung in Taiwan, told his tale in a very report revealed earlier in the week, and doctors were cited to mention the plastic shell casing of the AirPods protected his viscus from harm that would are caused by the actually wireless earphones’ lithium-ion battery.

As narrated by Hsu in a very report by the Daily Mail, he fell asleep whereas carrying the Apple AirPods (model unspecified), however, once we woke, he was unable to search out one in each of the earbuds of the wireless earphones. In his quest to search out the missing item, Hsu turned to his iPhone and therefore the realize My iPhone app. The app, as Apple helpfully explains on its support page, lets users realize their missing AirPods, seeing them on a map, and additionally lease them play a sound on them to find the earphones in shut proximity. this is often what Hsu did, as per the report, and once a wild goose chase wherever the beeping noise followed him around the area, he realized to his surprise the noise was emanating from his abdomen.

Amazed to search out the dauntless AirPods earbud still worked, Hsu is quoted by the report back to say, “the battery was still at 41 percent! it had been unbelievable.” Hsu additionally claimed his expertise with this shining example of associate Apple product was “magical”.

A doctor was quoted by the report back to say, because of the plastic shell round the AirPod, the chance of it inflicting his damage in a very similar thanks to swallowing a daily lithium-ion battery is way lower.