Apple to open first Indian store in 2021

While speaking at the company’s annual shareholders’ meeting, Apple’s chief executive Tim Cooke announced to open the first store and online outlet in India later this year.

Without a local partner the tech giant had to struggle for a special approval from the Indian government.

Experts allege Apple’s entry into the Indian market place was anticipated since a long time, owning to the country providing the second largest smartphone market in the world, the latest announcement was however unexpected.

India changed laws in 2018, which did not allow foreign brands from opening single-brand stores in the country. According to a statement made by Cooke, India wanted Apple to open a store with a local partner.

Cooke further added, he did not think Apple would be a “good partner”. “We like to do things our way.”

Reports suggest investors at the meeting voted on a proposal which the firm would alter when governments asked it to remove apps from the marketplace. The measure was not approved, it failed on similar lines in comparison to proposals from the past.

The proposal suggested ways about how the company would react to government’s requests to remove applications from App Store. Experts suggest, the proposal would have forced Apple to publicly commit to respecting “freedom of expression as a human right.”

The proposal was similar to the one undertaken previously with regards to Apple’s removal of apps by Chinese government. This also included an app that allowed protestors in Hong Kong to get around China’s internet restrictions.

While the measure was voted out, it received 40% of the vote. Glass Lewis and Institutional Shareholder Services were among the shareholders who voted in favour of the proposal.