Are Athletes at Risk?

The West Union group assembled for the last football game of the year, which is hidden off a county highway as the sun begins to fade in the evening.

There’s more on display this night than community pride. A night of this kind reveals the dedication of countless people, as the team plays as a club while West Union High School in athletics.

That means no funding for schools. It’s all donated.

Brett Heater is the dad of the junior football player of the West Union Club, Trent Heater.

Heater said, “The children enjoy it.” “You want to have fun with your children. You don’t want to place them in a bubble where they won’t feel the things they will experience. “Earlier in the season, what was missing was highlighted in one moment. While this night was a celebration of what the group did.

Trent Heater was struck by a cask in the ripples of the Dragons game against Süd Buckeye and knocked on it. He had to breathe for a long time.

Brett Heater said, “I knew he was hurt when I saw him on the ground when he was down. “I thought he was pretty well injured.”

An athletic trainer is available in the high school department. However, this doesn’t cover the football team.

Instead, the team had to look at the heater on the basis of an EMT. The EMT choosing the equipment to help the young man on the field was absent from the team. The heater was the nearest hospital for life. Heater.

Trent fractured the ribs at the trauma center. After some rest and several weeks out of the game, he would be all right. For club sports, we don’t know how many times it happens. No governing authority exists. The reports are not held by anybody.

Dr. Carl Maresh is professor and director of the Scientific Exercise Laboratory of Ohio State University’s Department of Human Sciences. For decades he has been working side by side with professional coaches.

The heaters were left with a $40,000 bill, a low cost to Trent’s defense, on their trip by helicopter.

Ironically, it’s also the base salary of an athletic trainer.

“I mean, I don’t like it,” Brett Heater said. “But, there’s nothing you can do about it.”

Athletic trainers are not normally on the sidelines of club sports. The same could be said for independent and grassroots leagues like A-A-U, travel hockey or travel baseball.

In the new year, Athletes at Risk? will cover the value of an athletic trainer, talk with the industry’s national association about its gold standard and dive into how hospitals play into the athletic health care coverage at area schools.